Hey there!

I am Kelly Mosser

If Dumbledore and Bethenny Frankel had a baby, and that baby magically had red hair, it would be me. I'm a values-driven strategist, speaker, and host of the global top 2% podcast, The Aligned Success Show. I'm here to help you embody your highest potential as the CEO of your life and business. Let's get you visible AF so you can make the REALLY big impact you know you're here to make.




Here's What's Up

Over the past 10 years, I've supported businesses of all sizes: Fortune 500 powerhouses, hungry mid-sized startups, and scrappy solopreneurs. I've been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to help brands optimize their strategy, operations, and visibility, and podcast guesting is by far the most stunningly effective strategy I've encountered to help you create sustainable growth that *actually* feels good. We're done with algorithms. We're over crappy engagement. It's time to scale your visibility, algorithm-free.

What can I say? I'm obsessed with helping heart-centered experts unblock and recognize their magic, stop hiding in the shadows, and get seriously seen as the go-to authority in their niche. Without next-level visibility, your brand and business can't possibly fulfill their highest potential, and neither can you. You're not here to hide, you're here to kick ass, serve thousands, and have some fun, right?

I can't wait to help you do just that.

XO, Kelly

I'm a Leo sun, Gemini moon, and Virgo rising babe!

If you're ever in New York, you might catch me wheeling my sweet, anxious, 60 lb rescue pup Tully around town in a stroller (leash walking gives him the spooks).

My favorite comfort meal is a corner slice of grandma's style pizza and a glass of cheap Italian wine.

Whatever the opposite of a thrill seeker is, I'm that. I'm thrilled just sitting on my couch with a decaf cappuccino watching Friends reruns with my fam!

My happy places: Trader Joe's, the woods, crystal shops, cozy New York cocktail bars (not necessarily in that order)

I'm the proud auntie of 7 gorgeous nieces and nephews, the oldest of whom is only 6 years younger than I am!

fun facts

fun facts

fun facts

"After my VIP Day, I'm completely confident

in my ability to run my business sustainably, even though other people in my field told me my goals were impossible. Kelly was so detailed and thorough during our VIP Day and held such compassionate space for me and my doubts. I’m taking away a new strategy for my operations and marketing, but most importantly I’m walking away confident that the work I’m doing is valuable and scalable. My 1:1 time with Kelly was invaluable."
- Caitie C. R.D. & Nutrition Coach

"Kelly's is the first approach that's worked."

"I've invested a lot of resources in business coaches and personal development over the years, and Kelly's is the first approach that's worked for me. It's the first container that's helped me create the results I desire. I will forever shout about this program from the rooftops! I'm never leaving!"
- Candace T., Personal Empowerment Coach

"I felt unclear, chaotic, and frustrated with myself

for not being further along this many years into my business. Working with Kelly was the reset button I needed. I feel like I'm finally clear after years of confusion. You need someone else's eyes on your business because you can't see your own blindspots. You are probably making things too complicated and that stress is NOT good for you!" -Holly, Burnout Coach