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Hell Yes Guest is a self-paced course + coaching program that teaches you how to book yourself as a guest on high quality podcasts every single month, position yourself as THE go-to expert in your niche, and leverage this untapped strategy to explode your brand and boost your bottom line (taught by the host of a global top 2% podcast!

The Hell Yes Guest

Profitable Podcast Guesting is my top recommended organic marketing strategy for coaches, healers, strategists, and specialists. If you've got a brand and business, YOU need to get your tush on more podcasts to build your brand and drive revenue! This strategy lets you leverage the insane growth of the podcasting space, without the stress and expense of hosting your own show.



Collapse time with a potent group VIP Day, where I'll walk you step-by-step through the entire Hell Yes Guest course and provide real-time feedback, consulting, and coaching support. Walk away from this soulful intensive with your entire Profitable Podcast Guesting strategy built so you can start getting booked the very next day. For action takers only!


Strategic Guesting


"After my VIP Day, I'm completely confident

in my ability to run my business sustainably, even though other people in my field told me my goals were impossible. Kelly was so detailed and thorough during our VIP Day and held such compassionate space for me and my doubts. I’m taking away a new strategy for my operations and marketing, but most importantly I’m walking away confident that the work I’m doing is valuable and scalable. My 1:1 time with Kelly was invaluable."
- Caitie C. R.D. & Nutrition Coach

"Kelly's is the first approach that's worked. "

"I've invested a lot of resources in business coaches and personal development over the years, and Kelly's is the first approach that's worked for me. It's the first container that's helped me create the results I desire. I will forever shout about this program from the rooftops! I'm never leaving!"
- Candace T., Personal Empowerment Coach

"I felt unclear, chaotic, and frustrated with myself

for not being further along this many years into my business. Working with Kelly was the reset button I needed. I feel like I'm finally clear after years of confusion. You need someone else's eyes on your business because you can't see your own blindspots. You are probably making things too complicated and that stress is NOT good for you!" -Holly, Burnout Coach